Our local government is run by our elected Mayor and Council as well as departmental staff. We work together to serve residentsvisitors and businesses throughout Sioux Lookout. Our departments oversee many important components of life in our Municipality, from our Municipal Airport to building and economic development to garbage and recycling and much more.

Our goal is to serve you. Explore this section of our site to learn more about how we operate and how you can get involved in local government.

Our departments include:


The CAO is responsible for executing Policies adopted by Council through the Managers reporting to her office. The CAO leads the senior management team and is responsible for coordinating activities of the various departments and developing a sound organizational environment and effective management practices. 

The Mayor is the Head of Council and presides over Statutory Public and Council meetings. The Mayor interacts on a continual basis with Councillors, Municipal Administration, community agencies and citizens. As Head of Council, the Mayor is also the chief spokesperson on inter-governmental discussion with other municipalities, and the Provincial and Federal Governments.

The Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport is responsible for: airside and groundside operation; aviation fuelling; airport leases; parking; fees; and regulation. Learn more on our Airport page.
Corporate Services
The Corporate Services Department/Office of the Municipal Clerk is responsible for: delegations; Council secretariat; records management; municipal elections; Freedom of Information requests; vital statistics registration; special projects; marriage and lottery licensing; research and drafting of administrative and regulatory by-laws for Council consideration and approval; cemeteries; customer service; information technology services; corporate communications, including media releases, websites, media relations, policy development; and by-law enforcement.
Development Services

The Development Services Department operates under four divisions - the Building Division, Community Development Division, Facilities Division, and Planning Division.

The Building Division is responsible for: receiving building permit applications and reviewing construction drawings; issuing building, plumbing, change of use, and demolition permits; site inspections and construction approvals; building code compliance; plumbing inspections; and zoning by-law inquiries.

The Community Development Division is responsible for: assisting with a wide variety of Municipal development projects; economic development; preparing and writing grant applications for funding proposals; maintaining an inventory of available Municipal properties and marketing them for development and sale; and gathering, interpreting, and preparing data for studies, reports, and recommendations. This includes coordinating activities with developers, businesses, other departments, and agencies.

The Facilities Division is responsible for: asset management; long-term maintenance and renewal planning; day-to-day building maintenance; energy use reporting and planning; developing energy efficiency plans and strategies for Municipal buildings; janitorial services; and project management.

The Planning Division is responsible for: providing development and planning services; planning strategies; processing development applications and agreements (Official Plan amendments, plans of subdivision, consents, severances, and site plans); zoning by-law amendments and minor variances; and administrative support for the Committee of Adjustment.

Emergency Services
The Emergency Services Department is responsible for: fire suppression and rescue from two fire stations; fire prevention and public safety education; emergency planning; community emergency management coordination; Fire Code inspection and enforcement; brush and incinerator burning permits; 9-1-1 coordination; and street addresses.
The Finance Department is responsible for: financial planning, property taxation, advice to Council, Boards, and staff; corporate accounting, reporting, and internal control systems; operating and capital budget preparation; cash management, debt administration, accounts payable and receivable, tax collection, water and sewer billing and collection; financial reporting, which fulfills public sector accounting requirements; insurance and risk management; asset management; cashier; and payroll.
Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is responsible for: employee and labour relations; pay equity; occupational health and safety; workplace safety; salary and benefit administration; corporate recruitment; review and interpretation of Human Resource policies and procedures; and the Employee Assistance Program.
Public Works

The Public Works Department operates under four divisions - Engineering, Roads, Water and Sewer, and Waste Management.

Engineering is responsible for: capital and long-range infrastructure planning and replacement; GIS; and treatment plants, in partnership with Northern Waterworks Inc. (NWI)

The Roads division is responsible for: roadway operation and maintenance (excluding MTO highways 72, 516, 642, and 664); Municipal bridge and culvert maintenance; winter maintenance - ploughing, snow removal, sanding, salting; street lights; traffic and street signage; line painting and roadway markings; drainage systems, catch basins, and storm sewers; sidewalk and curb repairs; entrance permits; and repair and maintenance of Municipal vehicles and equipment, including Fire Department and airport vehicles.

The Water and Sewer division is responsible for: maintenance and operation of Municipal sanitary sewer and storm water collection systems; administration, operation, and maintenance of sewage treatment facilities; provision of water for fire protection; providing potable water to Provincial standards and regulations; water quality control; and maintenance and operation of Municipal water supply, treatment, and distribution systems for urban Sioux Lookout, Hudson, and the Airport.

The Waste Management division is responsible for: administration of curb-side non-commercial recycling and garbage collection; Pitch-In Canada and Community Pitch-In days; residential waste oil depot; electronic waste disposal; safe battery disposal; and the Hidden Lake Landfill site.

The after-hours emergency phone number is 807-737-0313.

Recreation and Culture

The Recreation and Culture Department is responsible for: arts, culture, and heritage programming, including oversight of the Community Museum; boat launches; the Sioux Lookout Memorial Arena; recreation programming; Cedar Bay Complex; facility rentals; Municipal parks, playgrounds, and beaches; outdoor sports complex; outdoor rinks; Hudson public and recreational facilities; and youth development, including youth programming and engagement.

For information about the municipal organization structure, please contact our Human Resources Administrator or download the Municipality of Sioux Lookout Organizational Chart. (PDF)