The Sioux Lookout Public Library Board is responsible for all aspects of the governance of the Library as outlined in the Public Libraries Act. It is made up of 9 volunteer members from the community who are appointed by Municipal Council. The Board meets 10 times a year, usually once a month, from September to June, and their term is the same as the term of the current Council. The Terms of Reference, which outline the duties of the board, and the minutes of the Library Board meetings are available online or at the library.

The Library Board Members are:

  • Jonathon Baum
  • Jennifer Hancharuk
  • Laine Helbling
  • Bobbi Roberts
  • Anne Saltel
  • Councillor Joyce Timpson

Staff Resource:

Shawn Bethke, CEO-Chief Librarian

If you have any questions about the role or duties of the Library Board please drop by the library and staff will be happy to help.

Visit the Sioux Lookout Public Library's website, and Facebook page for more information.