The Municipality contracts out the operation of its water and waste water treatment plants to Northern Waterworks Inc.

Municipal Urban Water System

Sioux Lookout Water Treatment Plant

The Urban Sioux Lookout Water Treatment Plant was built in 1999 using leading-edge technology. The Municipality is very proud of the building that was created to depict Sioux Lookout's beginning as a Canadian National Railway town.

The urban water system is classified as a large municipal residential system, providing a potable water supply to the community of Sioux Lookout. For more information about how the system operates see the Annual Reports:

2022 Annual Report - Sioux Lookout Urban Drinking Water System 

Municipal Sewage Treatment System

Sioux Lookout Sewage Treatment Plant

The Sioux Lookout Sewage Treatment Plant was built in 1994, and is capable of treating 2,840 cubic meters of raw sewage each day. For more information about the system, see the Annual Performance Reports:

2020 Annual Report - Sioux Lookout Water Pollution Control Plant 

Hudson Water System

Hudson Water Treatment Plant

The Hudson Water Treatment Plant was built over the course of 2005 and 2006 and went into operation in February of 2007. Hudson's drinking water system is classified as a large municipal residential system, providing potable water to the community of Hudson. For more information about how the system operates see the Annual Reports:

2022 Annual Report - Hudson Drinking Water System

Hudson Sewage System

Most sewage disposal in Hudson is by means of on-site sewage disposal systems (septic fields) that are privately owned and maintained by the landholder. The Municipality also owns and operates a Communal Septic field that 6 residences are serviced by.

  • Contact: Public Works Department
  • Phone: 807-737-1234

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my water bills so high?

Do you have any fixtures or taps leaking inside your house?

Do you know where your water meter is located in your house? If you do, one way to check for leaks is: ensure no one is using water in the house; go to your water meter, if it is a new one, there will be a “red triangle” on the face of the meter, if it is moving and no one in the house is using the water, you have a leak.

Toilets are the most likely item to be causing the high water consumption. One way to test a toilet is to drop some food coloring into the toilet tank. If the water inside the bowl changes color over a period of 15 to 30 minutes, the toilet is by-passing (leaking). This needs to be corrected by calling a plumber.

Has there been an increase in the number of people in the house? More people means higher water consumption.

Is the outside tap shut off? Spray nozzles leak. Watering lawns and gardens during the day uses a lot of water, try watering in the early morning or late evening.

What do I do if my water is frozen?
If you are connected to the Municipal Water System, call the Public Works Department at 737-1234.
What do I do if my sewer backs up?

Municipal sewer and water is a user pay system, therefore if the sewer problem is on property owned by you, you will be charged. If the problem affecting your sewer is on municipal property, you won't be charged. Work orders are subject to all charges and if staff is called out or stays after regular working hours (5:00 p.m.), overtime rates apply.

Is it backing up when you use any water? ie: Toilets, bathtub, kitchen sink, bathroom sink and washing machine? If it only backs up while using the washing machine for example, it’s probably an internal problem which needs to be looked at by a plumber.

If a Municipal employee is dispatched to check an internal problem, there is a service charge involved. Please call 737-1234 for further information.

Someone has to be home before we will go into the house to do work on a sewer line. The homeowner is responsible for this.

Is there a cost for cleaning out sewer lines?
Yes, staff time and equipment. After hours calls are subject to over time rates.
Do you pump out septic tanks?
No. There are private companies that perform this service.
Do you install sewer and water systems?
Yes. The Municipality installs new sewer and water service lines form the property line to the main within urban Sioux Lookout and water in Hudson. Call Public Works 737-1234 for specific information.
How do I have my water turned on or off?
Call Public Works at 737-1234.
How do I have a water meter installed or repaired?
Call Public Works at 737-1234 and arrangements will be made with you for the installation or repair.