The Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs is the Planning Act authority in Ontario and can delegate some or all of its authority for planning to Municipalities. The Minster has delegated authority for some planning items to the Municipality of Sioux Lookout and in turn Council has delegated some of that authority to Sioux Lookout's Committee of Adjustment. The Committee deals with Consent (severance) and Minor Variance applications under the Planning Act.  For more information on the role of the Committee of Adjustment please see the Terms of Reference.

Consent Applications - to request severances, rights of way, easements or leases

Examples of Consent Applications: 

a) you are dividing land to create an additional lot for sale

b) you need a right of way for a shared driveway

c) you need an easement for access

Minor Variance Applications - to request minor variances from Zoning By-law requirements

Examples of Minor Variance Applications: 

a) if you are constructing an addition and do not have the required backyard setback

b) if you are requesting to build closer to your lot lines than the Zoning By-law allows

(Variances must be related to a permitted use as the Committee does not have the authority to add new uses to zones.)

Application Fees 

  • Consent $700.00
  • Minor Variance $400.00
  • Validation of Title $600.00

Committee Members

  • Mario Rasetti
  • Roger Saltel
  • Alanna Pizziol-Carroll
  • Councilor Luc Beaulne
  • Councilor Joan Cosco

Secretary Treasurer:

Jody Brinkman, Manager of Development Services

Phone: (807) 737-2700 ext. 2244

Email: [email protected]

Staff Resource:

For information on the Committee's initiatives, please contact our Staff Resource:

Jody Brinkman, Manager of Development Services 

Phone: (807) 737-2700 ext. 2244

Email: [email protected]

Meetings are scheduled as applications arise or as necessary. 

The following websites have more information on applications and Committees of Adjustment

Meeting Dates & Documents