Mayor Doug Lawrance

Sioux Lookout has a unique and privileged position as a hub for 29 remote First Nation communities and the 30,000 people who live in those communities.  Sioux Lookout is a full service community providing essential services to its residents and surrounding communities as the "Hub of the North".

Current initiatives relating to health care, transportation, and education are only made possible due to our vital relationship with the northern First Nation and surrounding communities we serve.

Sioux Lookout's Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre employs 425 people and continues to expand programs and facilities creating new jobs in both the construction and healthcare sectors.  Municipal Council and the Hospital Board are advocating for a new 96-bed long-term facility to meet the needs of our area's population. We anticipate this alone will create 50 new jobs.

Sioux Lookout's Municipal Airport, with over 120,000 passenger movements annually, continues to grow.  Council has endorsed a terminal building expansion.  The Municipal Airport has serviced commercial properties ready for development.  We intend to be a key player in the emerging Ring of Fire developments.

In the education sector, the Municipality is working with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board on the construction of a new high school. The planned $30 million investment will allow for a planned growth in enrolment.

During recent years of turbulent global economic conditions, Sioux Lookout has experienced economic stability and continued growth.  This stability comes largely from our position as a service hub for northern communities, but also from diversity of economy that includes forestry, railroad, tourism, professional sectors, health care, education, social services, government services, retail, air transportation services, bulk fuel supply and delivery, construction, hotels, Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Centre, and First Nation agencies and business investment.

The outlook for Sioux Lookout continues to be strong and stable.  During this term of Council, we will be renewing relationships with our neighbours and working on initiatives that are mutually beneficial while supporting each other in lobbying efforts to senior governments.

As well as the initiatives in education, health care, and transportation sectors, Sioux Lookout has significant opportunities for investors and developers in housing, retail, and commercial areas to serve our growing population.  We are open for business and investment.

Invite the Mayor to your event

The Mayor attends several special events, ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year. If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event in the community please contact the Executive Assistant.

You may also choose to write a letter to the Mayor and drop it off at the Municipal Office, 25 Fifth Avenue, mail to: Office of the Mayor, Municipality of Sioux Lookout, P.O. Box 158, Sioux Lookout ON P8T 1A4.

Please ensure that the following is provided in the letter or email:

  • Name of event
  • Date and time of event
  • Where will it be taking place?
  • Would you like the Mayor to speak at the event, do a presentation or a ribbon cutting?
  • Contact information
Request a proclamation

A Proclamation is an official, formal, public announcement. Proclamations may be requested by organizations to publicly proclaim their event.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Sioux Lookout has a procedure on how to help your organization submit a Proclamation request and how they are processed.

The Proclamation request should:

  • Be made at least one month in advance
  • Be addressed to the Mayor and submitted in writing or online by using the link listed below
  • Include a draft copy of the actual proclamation
  • Include a mission statement and reason for the proclamation
  • Include the day(s) / week / month you wish to Proclaim
  • List any local activities to be held within the Municipality
  • List special event request, i.e. Media interview, flag raising, etc.

The Municipality will not publish the Proclamation in our local newspaper; that is the responsibility of the organization. A copy of the Proclamation will be posted on the Municipal website. A signed original will be provided to the requesting organization for its use.

You may submit your Proclamation request by mail to: The Municipality of Sioux Lookout, P.O. Box 158, 25 Fifth Avenue, Sioux Lookout ON P8T 1A4 or email Customer Service.