In late 2023 and early 2024, our Economic Development Division surveyed area business owners and conducted input sessions to understand key challenges. The main issues identified were difficulties in attracting and retaining staff, and concerns about safety and community pride related to the condition of Front St. In response, the Municipality has committed to the following initiatives:

  1. The Tourism Diversification Infrastructure Enhancement Study will guide Council on the most optimal investments to improve resident satisfaction and attract visitors and residents.
  2. HTFC Planning & Design has been contracted to design improvements to Front St. and Centennial Park based on community feedback and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design techniques.
  3. The Municipality released an updated Community Improvement Plan with incentives for area business owners to support investments that enhance the Community Improvement Areas.
  4. The Public Works Department is completing repairs and upgrades at the intersection of Third Ave & Front St.
  5. A public outdoor washroom is being installed in Centennial Park. This self-cleaning facility was made possible by community support with contributions provided by the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB), Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) Committee, Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA), and Independent First Nations Alliance (IFNA). The goal of the project is to improve downtown hygiene and offer dignity to our vulnerable population.
  6. Upon completion of these projects, Public Works will begin resurfacing asphalt overlay on Front St and select curbing and gutter replacement.
  7. The Municipality has reengaged social and health service organizations to reinstate the Healthy Community Task Force and investigate collaborative initiatives to enhance progress on the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan.
  8. To support the availability of skilled labour, the Municipality is supporting initiatives which make immigration services more accessible.

We want to hear from you on #2! Please review the drawings of Centennial Park and Front St and complete the below brief survey to share your feedback.

What do you like about the designs, and what doesn’t appeal to you?
Would you or your children appreciate an outdoor leisure skating area or utilize downtown basketball courts?
Would you enjoy grabbing a hot beverage from a downtown cafe and sitting around a fire while watching children skate?
Do you want to see crosswalks for improved pedestrian safety or cycling lanes downtown?
Tell us all about it by completing the survey.

If you’d like to discuss this project or economic development initiatives further, schedule a call with our economic development officer by reaching out:
Jennifer Esposito
[email protected]
807-737-2700 ext 2228

Or join us at the Open House on July 18th at the Sunset Inn Banquet Room at 6:30 pm to discuss our Tourism Diversification Infrastructure Study and how downtown revitalization fits into your vision for the future of Sioux Lookout.

**Please note that the Municipality is engaged in a wide variety of initiatives. To best assist us, please respect the focus of this exercise which is to bring feedback to HTFC Planning & Design regarding their conceptual drawings and proposed structural changes to the downtown core. If you would like to discuss other municipal affairs, please contact customer service to be directed the appropriate staff person or elected official.