Fire Protection is a Municipal responsibility. The Fire Chief manages the resources of the Municipal Fire Department to provide immediate and effective emergency response services to the community, to promote fire safety, fire prevention, fire inspections and to coordinate emergency planning for the Municipality.

The Fire Halls

Sioux Lookout Fire Hall

The Fire Department consists of two fire halls:

Sioux Lookout Fire Hall
39 Fifth Avenue
Sioux Lookout, ON

Hudson Fire Hall
4 Fourth Street
Hudson, ON

The two fire stations have a combined volunteer force of 35 firefighters. In addition to the Fire Chief, there is one District Fire Chief, one Deputy Fire Chief, 7 Captains, 1 Training Officer and 27 firefighters. One part-time administrative clerk works at the Sioux Lookout fire hall.

Fire Department Equipment

The Fire Department equipment consists of two equipment trucks, three pumper trucks, an ice/water rescue trailer, a CAF truck, one tanker and one aerial ladder truck.

The Coverage Area

The Fire Department is responsible for 24 hours-a-day coverage of an area of 536 square kilometres, which encompasses Alcona to the east, just beyond Ojibway Provincial Park to the south, Hudson to the west and ten kilometres to the north.


Throughout the year, firefighters perform additional duties such as:

  • Conducting tours of the Fire Halls for the schools to teach students about the operations of the Fire Service.
  • Firefighters assists with the annual Santa Clause parade.
  • Coordinate and display the annual Lion's Club July 1st fireworks show
  • Children's Day during the Blueberry Festival
  • Open house during Fire Prevention week.

Also in place, under the mandate of the Municipality's Chief Administrative Officer, is an Emergency Plan which prepares the community in the event of a large scale emergency event.

 Join the Fire Services

Sioux Lookout Emergency Services consists of 1 Full-Time Fire Chief, and up to 35 Firefighters.

The Department operates under the direction of the Fire Chief who is responsible to the Mayor and Council through the CAO.

 Qualification Criteria:

  • Legally eligible to work in Canada
  • Live and work in Sioux Lookout or Hudson
  • Minimum of 18 Years of Age
  • Physically Fit.  Pass a medical exam.
  • Successfully completed Grade 12 (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or Equivalent
  • Hold a full class G Ontario driver's license (Class 'DZ' preferred)
  • All applicants must complete a criminal record check.
  • Written permission from your employer to attend fire calls during work hours.
  • Willing to abide by the rules, procedures and policies outlined by the Sioux Lookout Emergency Services Department

Apply to Become a Firefighter 

If you are interested in joining the Sioux Lookout Fire Service, please download the Firefighter Recruitment Guide to learn about the roles, requirements, and responsibilities.

After that, download and complete the Firefighter Application Form (PDF). This form must be completed in full, signed, dated, and accompanied with all necessary documentation and credentials. Send the form and application package to:

Jeremy Funk
Fire Chief/Emergency Services Manager
Emergency Services Department
Municipality of Sioux Lookout
PO Box 158
39 Fifth Avenue
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1A4

 Educator Resources
National Fire Protection Association website provides free fire prevention resources to educators.
 Home Fire Safety Tips

Are you fire safe in the home?

The fire services recommend this simple safety checklist to assist in keeping your home fire safe.

  • Installing an adequate number of suitable smoke alarms and testing them regularly is the first step in your home fire safety plan.
  • Having a written escape plan in case of fire and practicing it regularly.
  • Make sure keys to all locked doors are readily accessible in case you need to escape.
  • Never leave cooking or any other open flame including candles or oil burners unattended.
  • Clean the lint filter of your clothes dryer each and every time you use it.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • In winter take extra care when using heaters, electric blankets or open fires.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets and switch off appliances when not in use.
  • Always keep lighters and matches away from children and educate them that they are only be used by responsible adults.
  • If you have a garage or shed remember to take extra care with any stored chemicals and fuels and always refuel mowers, edgers, etc when they are cold and in the open.
  • If you have a gas, electric or wood BBQ always check that it is in safe working order before lighting and that it is always in the care of a responsible adult when in use.
  • Keep all BBQs away from combustible materials, such as the exterior finish of your home, or near a bush or tree.
  • If you live in near a forested area keep the ground around your home clear of leaves and other litter and remember to clean your gutters regularly.  Be FireSmart. 

Fire safety tips

  • Remember that smoke from a fire will make you confused and that you cannot see in smoke.
  • When asleep you will not smell smoke and it will in fact put you into a deeper sleep.
  • If you have escaped from a home fire, remember once you get out stay out and dial 9-1-1.
  • Oil, gas or wood heating units may require a yearly maintenance check.
  • Only ever use fuses of recommended rating and install an electrical safety switch.
 Fire Prevention Education and Checklists

Find public education materials on the Ontario Fire Marshals website.

Check out the fire prevention checklists on the National Fire Protection Association website.

 Smoke Alarms

It’s the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Learn more about smoke alarms.

For some great tips on smoke alarms, visit the National Fire Protection Association.


E-Bike and E-Scooter Safety

The popularity of electric bikes and electric scooters (e-bikes and e-scooters) has taken off over the past few years. Lithium-ion batteries are usually the source of power for both, and if not used correctly, or if damaged, those batteries can catch on fire or explode. Whether you use e-bikes or e-scooters as your main way of getting around, or just for fun, there are important safety tips to keep in mind when charging or storing these devices. 

Download a free E-Bike and E-Scooter safety information sheet or visit to learn more.