All minimum maintenance standards, including the level of service to be provided, are based on the classification of a particular roadway as dictated by the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways contained within the Municipal Act. To view these standards, see Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways. 

Please note that any vehicles, trailers and/or boats are prohibited to be driven or parked on Municipal boulevard at any time, and if found, will be ticketed and may be towed.

Parking restrictions on Municipal roads are posted with signage and should be abided by at all times.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Between November 1 and April 15 of each year, no parking is allowed in the Downtown Core (see definition below, under "snow removal") between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

For the remaining Municipal streets and laneways, no parking is allowed between the hours of Midnight and 7:00 a.m.

Snow Plowing
Snow plowing is carried out on municipal roads on a priority basis. Crews are deployed as soon as snow accumulation reaches the stipulated levels or when driving conditions deteriorate. Therefore, crews may be deployed prior to snow accumulation levels reaching the standards as outlined in the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.

Sanding is carried out on municipal roads, on a priority basis. Crews are deployed within the stipulated time for responding to icy road conditions or when vehicle traction becomes a safety concern. Therefore, crews may be deployed prior to icy road conditions reaching the standards as outlined in the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.

The sand utilized on municipal roads is mixed with five percent road salt. In bad weather, such as ice storms, straight salt may be used.

Snow Removal From Boulevards

Snow removal on municipal boulevards in residential areas will be conducted when the boulevard can no longer accommodate more snow being removed from the sidewalks, when a lane width becomes less than three metres, to facilitate parking where parking is allowed for commercial businesses, and to help alleviate the amount of drainage derived from snow accumulation during spring thaw. Snow removal will be conducted on a priority basis to facilitate emergency, hospital, and school bus routes.

Snow removal on municipal boulevards located in the downtown core will be conducted once the snow accumulation on the boulevard reaches a height whereby pedestrian access to the sidewalks from parked vehicles becomes an issue. The downtown core consists of Front Street from its intersection with Wellington St. easterly to Third Avenue, King Street from Seventh Avenue easterly to Third Avenue and encompassing avenues.

Snow removal operations will be conducted during the midnight shift for the downtown core area and Wellington Street to avoid disruptions in traffic flows. Snow removal in residential areas will be conducted during daytime operations but if required, removal may be required during the midnight shift.

Important: Snow removal operations may be postponed or deferred due to inclement weather. Plowing and sanding of municipal roadways and sidewalks is a priority as per the Municipal Act, and therefore, snow removal on ALL boulevards may be deferred until snowplowing priorities are met.

Street Lights

The Municipality has a total of 518 street lights in service including 412 in urban Sioux Lookout, 36 in the rural area and 70 in Hudson.

Sioux Lookout Hydro is contracted to carry out repairs and installations.

To report a burnt out or damaged street light contact Public Works at 737-1234 or use our Report an Issue form.

Reduced Load Restrictions

Reduced load restrictions are implemented to enforce maximum loads conveyed by commercial vehicles, mainly trucks, onto Municipal roads during spring thaw, to protect our roads when road damage is most likely to occur. The restriction enforces that the loaded weight of all commercial vehicles shall not be in excess of 5,000 kilograms per axle. The restriction is implemented in March, and in most cases, is lifted at the end of May.

Failure to abide by this load restriction will result in charges being laid under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Some roads, streets and avenues are exempt from this restriction.  These include:

  • Hudson
    • Second Avenue from Second Street to Fourth Street
    • Fourth Street from Second Avenue to First Avenue
    • The Mill Road from First Avenue to Goodie Lake Road
  • Sioux Lookout
    • Alcona Drive from Highway 516 to First Avenue
    • King Street from First Avenue to Seventh Avenue
    • Front Street from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue
    • Third Avenue from Front Street to Fair Street
    • Fifth Avenue from Front Street to Princess Street
    • Sixth Avenue from Front Street to King Street
    • Seventh Avenue from Front Street to Meno Ya Win Way
    • Wellington Street from Front Street to Highway 72
    • First Avenue South from Wellington Street to Highway 72
    • Fourth Avenue South from York Street to Wellington Street