Municipal By-Law No. 50-06 states that all dogs and cats must be registered with the Municipality and shall procure a new or renew municipal identification annually.  All dog and cat owners must keep their animal under control and not allow their animal to run at large or trespass on private or public property.  All owners must clean up any deposit made by their animal. 


  • Annual Renewal Fee: $10.00
  • Microchipping: $30.00
  • Existing Microchip: $15.00           

Municipal identification tags

  • Male or female $45.00
  • Spayed/neutered $35.00
  • Replacement tag $15.00

To apply for or renew a pet license, please complete the application form.

As noted on the Cat/Dog Registration & Renewal Form (linked above), the Municipality is implementing a new tracking system for pets! With your consent, the information you provide on this year’s Registration/Renewal Form will be inputted into our pet tracking system and uploaded to our Municipal website. From here, anyone can type in the Tag Number of any missing/found animal and find their owner’s contact information! Only the name of the owner and contact number would be available to the public.

This new service will make it that much easier to help reunite pets with their owners. This new system will also make it possible for you to complete your renewals online next year!

Furthermore, every pet owner will be issued a new Pet Tag with a new Pet Identification Number, upon this year’s renewal. This is will ensure more accurate and consistent Pet Identification Tracking System.

The price of renewal will remain at its current rate of $10.00.

Unfortunately, due to lack of local resources, the Municipality will no longer be able to offer the service of Microchipping animals. This service is available from various veterinary clinics in the region.

We look forward to ensuring better safety for your fur-babies!

Please contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer at (807) 737-2700 ext. 7703 if you have any questions.

To view animals available for adoption, please contact Sioux Lookout Rescue through their Facebook page. They can be reached by phone, email, or Facebook Messenger via their page.
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