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The Municipality of Sioux Lookout would like to remind residents to ensure that all loads destined for the Hidden Lake Landfill are properly secured before hitting the road.

Recently, there have been many reports of items becoming coming loose and flying across the highway, posing a safety risk to other motorists.

Failing to properly secure your load is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act. Section 111 (2) states that, “No person shall operate or permit to be operated upon a highway a motor vehicle that carries a load or draws a vehicle that carries a load unless the load is loaded, bound, secured, contained or covered so that no portion of the load may become dislodged or fall, leak, spill or blow from the vehicle.”

Fines in Ontario for travelling with an insecure load start at $130.

Thank you for travelling safely and keeping garbage destined for the landfill from falling to the roadside.

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