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It has come to our attention that in certain areas, hedges and vegetation have encroached onto these public spaces, causing safety hazards for pedestrians.

In order to ensure the proper use and safety of sidewalks, all residents of Sioux Lookout should review their properties and take necessary action to prevent hedges and other live vegetation from encroaching onto Municipal property, including sidewalks. Hedges must be trimmed to an appropriate size to ensure they do not obstruct sidewalks or impede the free movement of pedestrians.

We are providing residents with a grace period, until June 30th, to assess their hedges and vegetation, and make any required adjustments. After June 30th, our By-law Enforcement will issue fines under the Property Standards By-law and/or the Municipal Encroachment By-law.

We urge all residents to take any necessary action to avoid potential fines and ensure public safety.

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