Council Brief

The following is a summary of the proceedings of the Regular Council Meeting held March 15, 2023:

  • Representatives Jessica Happl, Janine deBoer and Dan Perron from Northern Waterworks Inc. presented the 2022 Annual Reports for the Sioux Lookout and Hudson Drinking Water Systems and answered Council’s questions regarding the reports.
  • Council, with respect to Road Association grants, approved providing a one-time payment equal to the annual Cost of Living increases from October to October of each year from 2018 to 2022, and increase the funding for 2023 based on the October increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2022 of 6.36%.Council also directed staff to arrange meetings with a representative from each Road Association, as well as the MNRF to discuss the potential implementation of a Funding Agreement with each Road Association, and to report back to Council on those consultations.
  • Council authorized and directed the following changes for the Hidden Lake Landfill fees:
    • to implement a new account system, whereby only those businesses that are active and/or pay commercial taxes can have an account (no residential customers to have accounts);
    • to hold the current Landfill fee structure through December 31, 2023 and then implement fee increases annually thereafter, based on the November to October change in the Consumer Price Index (National), which would then be implemented on January 1st of each year;
    • to implement a minimum charge of $30.00 per invoice for all account invoices effective April 1, 2023;
    • to allocate taxation revenue to be transferred into the Landfill Closure Reserve Fund, based on the previous years’ Audited Financial Statements
  • Council received the Treasurer’s Loan Updates Report, as information.
  • Council authorized the passing of By-law No. 16-23, Being a By-law to Deem the Lots located at 1780 Southshore and 1774 Southshore Drive not to be within a registered Plan of Subdivision.
  • Council approved the Municipality of Sioux Lookout Environment Committee’s 2023 Work Plan.
  • Council considered a list of remedial actions for the Lost Lake Drop-in Centre in Hudson and directed staff to investigate two options: to construct a new similar sized building with a full basement and leasable spaces; or, to construct a similar sized building or a pre-fabricated structure with a crawlspace to provide a suitable space for the Drop-in Centre.
  • Council passed By-law No. 21-23, Being a By-law to Appoint Jeremy Funk as the Emergency Services Manager/Fire Chief for The Corporation of the Municipality of Sioux Lookout and to Rescind By-law No. 73-22.
  • Council approved in-person meetings as the method of holding Council Meetings for Regular, Statutory Public, Public Hearings, and Special Meetings, and via videoconferencing/electronic means for emergency meetings or Special Meetings.
  • Council approved amending Schedule “A” to By-law No. 68-22 (Being a By-law to Make Appointments to Various Boards, Commissions and Committees by adding Alana Anderson to The Municipal Committee on Truth & Reconciliation.

Council Briefs are provided in this format for convenience only and are not approved Minutes of the Council Meeting.  For more information, please contact Brian P. MacKinnon, Manager of Corporate Services/Municipal Clerk at [email protected].

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