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Residential Garbage Collection FAQs

I am new to town, how does garbage collection work?

The Municipality operates garbage collection under a user pay system. What this means is that you need to purchase garbage bag tags (available from the Municipal Office) and put a tag on each bag that you are placing out at curb side, or the edge of the road for pick-up. Garbage bag tags are sold for $26.00 HST included, for a sheet of 10 tags. The bags need to be protected from animals and birds by putting them in garbage receptacles (cans) with tight fitting lids. The garbage receptacles are to be stored on private property and placed out at the curb or edge of road on garbage collection day only.  We do not pick-up from garbage boxes on privately owned property. 


What day do you pick up my garbage? Does it depend where you live?

Garbage pick-up depends on the area of the Municipality which you live in. Please see the Residential Garbage Collection Schedule, and look up your street name, to determine your collection date.


Because Monday was a holiday does this change my pick-up day?

NO - It will only change if a Statutory Holiday falls on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. A schedule change will be published in the Sioux Lookout Bulletin, prior to the change, under Municipal Messages and posted on the Municipal Website.


Is the garbage truck on schedule?

The Garbage truck has no set schedule. Delays may happen due to equipment breakdown or inclement weather. The By-Law requires that your household garbage must be placed out by 8:00 a.m. the day of pick-up. Placing your garbage out the night before your collection day is also fine as long as it is protected from animals and birds.


Why did the garbage truck pick up everyone's garbage on my street, except for mine?

Possible reasons:

  • Did you have it out prior to 8:00 a.m. on pick-up day?
  • Did you have all the bags tagged? We will only pick-up tagged bags.
  • If neither of these reasons was the case, telephone Public Works at 737-1234 and we will call you back once we determine why your garbage was not picked up.


I missed my pick-up day, will the truck come back and pick-up my garbage?

NO - It will be picked up the following week or you may take it to the Hidden Lake Landfill Site. Note tagged bags are not accepted at the site, you will need to remove the tags and pay by weight (minimum 50 kgs. - $7.50)


Because it is storming or bad weather, is there pick-up today?

Yes - We may be behind because of the weather, but we will complete today's pick-up route.


The garbage truck has not been here yet, are they coming today?

Yes - There may be problems with the truck or, road conditions could be causing problems.


The birds ripped open my garbage bags and scattered the garbage all over my lawn, will the driver pick it up.

No - It is your responsibility to make sure the bags are protected from animals and birds. You will need to clean it up, bag and tag it and put it out on your next collection day or take it to the Hidden Lake Landfill Site.  Note tagged bags are not accepted at the site, you will need to remove the tags and pay by weight (minimum 50 kgs. - $7.50)



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