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Internet and Phone Voting Information

For the 2018 Municpal Elections, the Corporation of the Municipality of Sioux Lookout, is going to be using Internet and Phone Voting!

Why Use Internet and Phone Voting

There are significant efficiencies and cost savings over traditional, and vote by mail elections. Internet/Telephone Voting provides voter accesability via vote anytime, anywhere, anyplace during the voting period. Internet/Telephone Voting uses an eco-friendly green aproach, cutting down on the amount of paper while also being more cost efficent.  

Please watch the video below, if you are interested, for instructions on how to use Internet and Phone Voting.


Is Internet and Phone Voting Secure?

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout has choosen to use Simply Voting for Internet and Phone Voting. Simply Voting was designed from the ground-up to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud or breach of secrecy. Simply Voting states that:

  • Voters who bypass authentication or have already voted are denied access to the ballot.
  • One-vote-per-voter is guaranteed by marking electors as voted and storing the vote in a single transaction. Even if a voter submits the ballot simultaneously on several devices, this technology guarantees that only one vote is accepted.
  • Ballots are rigorously checked for validity before being accepted.
  • All administrator and voter activity is logged with timestamp and IP address in an Activity Log.
  • Communication between the voter's computer and our website is encrypted with TLS 1.2 and strong cipher suites to protect against current and future encryption attacks.
  • Our servers are "hardened" and are subjected to daily Trust Guard PCI Compliance security scans.
  • Our voting system has been subjected to live vulnerability scans by WhiteHat Security and source code security audits by HP Fortify.
  • Simply Voting adheres to guidelines established by the Open Web Application Security Project.
  • Any change to the voting system must pass an internal security review before going live.
  • All staff workstations are kept up-to-date and protected by access password, firewall, anti-virus, anti-spamware and disk encryption.
  • We use DomainKeys Identified Mail and the Sender Policy Framework to protect voters from phishing attacks.
  • Our servers are protected by a very powerful firewall, FortiGate Unified Threat Management, which includes an Intrusion Detection System and a redundant firewall on hot standby.
  • Simply Voting uses CloudFlare to protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. CloudFlare has the most sophisticated mitigation technology on the market and has successfully blocked the largest DoS attacks seen on the internet.
  • We use redundant Anycast DNS deployments which protects against DNS-based DDoS attacks.



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