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Council Code of Conduct Integrity Commissioner

Many Municipal Councils have implemented a code of conduct that ensures Council members and Council-appointed board, committee and commission members conduct themselves ethically. We have done this in Sioux Lookout.

To ensure that this Code of Conduct is followed, our Municipality has appointed an independent Integrity Commissioner.

This person is responsible for:

  • Receiving inquiries/requests about ethical behavior from and about Council and Council-appointed board, committee and commission members
  • Managing complaints about ethical behavior of Council and Council-appointed board, committee and commission members
  • Determining whether the behavior of Council and Council-appointed board, committee and commission members complies with the Municipal Act, the Code of Conduct and/or related policies or requirements

Integrity Commissioner is Meaghan Barrett.


How to submit a complaint/request for Commissioner inquiry

Any corporation or member of the public can submit a complaint to the Integrity Commissioner about the conduct of a Council or Council-appointed board, committee or commission member. Complaints are always confidential. To submit a complaint, follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the Code of Conduct Protocol/Complaint Form. The form is also available at the Customer Service Desk at the Municipal Office or from the Integrity Commissioner Meaghan Barrett (contact information below).
  2. Complete the form including ALL information fields. Provide as much information as possible. If you do not complete the form the investigator will not accept it.
  3. Mail or deliver the form to the Integrity Commissioner in a sealed envelope (faxed or emailed forms are not accepted):

Meaghan Barrett
Aird & Berlis LLP
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, Suite 1800
Toronto ON M5J 2T9                                                                                      E:

Municipal staff must not see or forward complaints. Only the Commissioner should receive complaints.


How to inquire/seek clarification from the Integrity Commissioner if you are a Council or Council-appointed board, committee or commission member

Members of Council and Council-appointed boards, committees and commissions can also submit an inquiry or request to the Integrity Commissioner. These confidential requests help members check whether any conduct they are unsure about is appropriate.

More information

Municipal Act, 2001, Section 223.3 - Outlines municipalities' abilities to appoint an Integrity Commissioner, their powers and duties and how inquiries work.

Policy No. 1-4, Code of Conduct - Rules/ clarifications for council, board, committee and commission members' conduct and actions.

Integrity Commissioner Reports

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