By-laws protect our citizens, preserve the environment and maintain the excellent quality of life our community members enjoy. Our Municipal Council puts a By-law into place when an excessive and/or continuous activity is negatively affecting life in Sioux Lookout.

Descriptions of the By-laws people ask us about most often are included on the next page in this section.

By-law Enforcement Department

Our By-law Enforcement Department is responsible for:

  • Animal Control
  • Enforcing Municipal By-laws
  • Investigating complaints from citizens
  • Issuing warnings to people who are not following By-laws
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Property Standards

Frequently Requested By-laws

The By-laws people ask us about the most often are listed below, along with a basic description of what is covered by each one. The information on this page is posted to help introduce you to each common By-law. These are not the official versions.

If you require an alternative format of a By-law or would like full details described to you, please contact the Clerk's Department.

14-13: Calling, Place, and Proceedings of Meetings of Council and Council-Appointed Boards, Committees, and Commissions
Processes for Council and its boards/ committees/ commissions, public meetings, special meetings and open and closed meetings, information about preparing agendas and minutes, delegations, conduct of meeting attendees and rules about motions, debates, adjournment and more.
61-08: Noise Control By-law
Description of prohibitions to noise and what types of devices and noises are included, prohibitions by time on evenings, weekends and holidays, exemptions to noise control including celebrations and emergency works and information about applying for exemptions. 
 50-06: To Regulate the Keeping of Animals
Number of animals you can keep in your house, guidelines to how to determine whether an animal is a public nuisance, rules for registering and identifying dogs and cats, description of how animals are impounded, muzzling and leashing dogs, information about kennels and stables and more. 
 16-06: Yard Maintenance By-law
Rules about depositing snow, ice, waste and trees, maximum height for grass, hedges and weeds in a yard, information about storing vehicles, ponding storm water and holes, pits and trenches as well as information about property and structure inspections and penalties. 
 20-98: Property Standards By-law
Duties for owning a property including maintenance, yards, structural standards, etc., occupancy and health standards, non-residential property standards, vacant lands rules and information about enforcing these standards. 

Submit a complaint to the By-law Enforcement Department by contacting them here:

Telephone: (807) 737-2700 ext. 7703

Fax: (807) 737-4626

Service Request Form at: Service Request Form


The department works under the jurisdiction of the Municipality and the direction of the Manager of Corporate Services.