Shooting Hoops Now Open for Bookings in the Gym

Shooting Hoops


  • Open to Ages 10 and up. 
  • One Person allowed in the gym shooting at once.  The ONLY exception to this is that two people can participate together provided they reside in the same household.  Only one basket will be used (Front Desk Staff will designate).
  • It is strongly encouraged for participants to bring their own ball. Face masks may be removed ONLY when on the court.  Users are expected to wear a face mask in all other instances.  Hand sanitizer will be provided and must be used before and after activity. 
  • Users may book by phone or in person one hour per day up to three days in advance.
  • Time slots will be one hour in duration and will be booked on the hour.  Participants will be required to vacate the court after 55 minutes to allow for cleaning and physical distancing for upcoming bookings. 
  • Regular programmed events will take precedent of shooting hoops. 
  • If you are unable to occupy your booked time slot it is extremely important to notify Front Desk Staff ASAP so that another person may occupy that time.  There is no penalization currently in place for no-show appointments however if this becomes a persistent issue one’s ability to book in advance may be restricted.
  • Users may book a time in the gym and a time in the fitness facility in the same day.  They should follow regular booking procedures for this. 

 *Rules are Subject to Change*

PDF version available for download at link below.