Load Restrictions Start Monday

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout will be implementing reduced load restrictions on all municipal rural & urban roads, streets and avenues, with the exception of specific arterial and collector routes, in Sioux Lookout and Hudson commencing Monday, March 28, 2022. 

For a list of all roads, streets or avenues that are exempt from the reduced load restriction, please contact the Public Works Department or download the exemption list & associated maps from the Municipality’s website. The public will be further notified as to when the restrictions will be lifted pending weather and road conditions.

The restriction is that no axle on any vehicle shall transmit to the roadway, a weight in excess of 5,000 kilograms.

Failure to abide by this load restriction will result in charges being laid under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

For further information, please contact:
Mathew Lelonde, Operations Manager, Public Works Department

Download PDF version