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Sign Permits

You do not require a permit to put up a sign. The regulations for signs are in the Zoning By-Law.

Your plans for a sign need to comply with the sign regulations listed below.

Section 4.28 of the Sioux Lookout Zoning By-Law

4.28 Signs

No sign shall be erected, established, placed or located anywhere within the zoned area except for a sign specifically permitted hereby, in accordance with:

  1. The general provisions contained in this Section; and
  2. Any applicable regulation of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation or any other governmental authority having jurisdiction to make such regulations.

4.28.1 Height Restrictions

  1. No ground sign shall exceed 7.5 metres in height;
  2. No roof sign shall exceed a height of 3 metres above the highest point of the roof.

4.28.2 Proximity to Power Lines

All signs situated in proximity to overhead utility lines shall be located in compliance with all applicable standards of the public utility having jurisdiction.

4.28.3 Illuminated Signs and Exterior Lights

Illuminated signs and all lighting fixtures providing exterior illumination on a lot shall be designed and installed so as:

  1. To direct or deflect glare or spill-over light away from adjacent lots and roads; and
  2. Not to impair the vision of persons driving vehicles on such roads.

Unless otherwise specified the provisions of this By-law shall not apply to prevent the erection, alteration or use of any sign provided such sign complies with the by-laws of the Municipality.

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