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Recycling FAQs


  • Do I need to separate my recyclable materials?
    • NO, recyclable materials do not need to be separated. Items can be comingled, with the exception of shredded paper - shredded paper must be contained in a blue or clear plastic bag. Excess cardboard must be bound and tied, and placed beside your bin. 
  • If the plastic item/container doesn’t have a number on it, is it recyclable? 
    • NO
  • If the plastic bag, flower pot or child’s toy, has a number 2 or 5 on it, is it recyclable? 
    • NO
  • I forgot to put my recycling out this morning, if I put it out at lunch time will they come back and get it?.  
    • NO, you will have to put it out on the next scheduled pick-up day.
  • I put my recycling out yesterday, and it still hasn’t been picked up, why?  
    • Check for a sticker on the recycle bag, or box which identifies that something is not recyclable.  Remove the non-recyclable item and place the recycling back out on the next scheduled pick-up day.

Some items, although they may have a recycle symbol, are not recyclable in Sioux Lookout, if you are not sure please check with Public Works at 737-1234 or the Municipal Office at 737-2700.

Please ensure that all containers are rinsed clean and free of food or residue.

If you put your recycling out the night before and it gets covered with snow, please remove the snow to make it easier for the driver of the recycle truck to see your recycling.

Every Day is Earth Day!  Let’s recycle!


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